Game title Rating Size
GTA San Andreas 3,9 2.0GB
GTA Vice City 4,2 941.1MB
Halo - Combat Evolved 4,0 1.7GB
Halo 2 4,0 207.7MB
Dino Crisis 3 3,8 2.0GB
Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix 4,0 2.0GB
Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks 4,0 2.0GB
Jet Set Radio Future 4,6 1.4GB
Forza Motorsport 4,0 2.0GB
Dragonball Z Sagas 3,7 808.9MB
Metal Slug 3 3,7 157.5MB
Mortal Kombat Armageddon 3,9 2.0GB
Need For Speed Underground 2 4,1 1.6GB
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 4,0 142.4MB
WWE Raw 2 4,1 760.8MB
Halo 2 4,1 2.0GB
Dead Or Alive 2 Ultimate 4,1 2.0GB
Fable - The Lost Chapters 4,3 2.0GB
Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance 3,9 2.0GB
Shenmue II 4,3 2.0GB

What Is Microsoft Xbox ROMs

Microsoft Xbox Isos hit the market in 2001. It was the first gaming console that was developed by Microsoft and first, released in the USA. A few years later, it appeared on the markets of Europe, Australia, and Japan. It bears mentioning that it was the first console developed by Americans. Moreover, this video game console became the main competitor to the brilliant Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. The company-manufacturer doesn’t produce such gaming consoles anymore. However, you still can enjoy the gameplay with the help of Microsoft Xbox ISOs. A powerful emulator (you should download and install it in advance) that is compatible with your device allows you to play Microsoft Xbox games without owning the console.

However, we couldn’t pass by the fact that it is a challenge to create an emulator for this gaming device. The thing is that the original Xbox has very demanding specs. That’s why it is really hard to develop a high-quality emulator that can run smoothly. To prevent this from happening, you should also avoid using pirated Xbox ISOs games. Otherwise, you risk being banned by Microsoft.

Best Xbox Games

As well as any other gaming console, this Microsoft Xbox has also some best sellers. We compiled a list of the most popular Xbox Roms that have already been appreciated by true players. You can look it through and choose the one you like most of all:

We have just mentioned the most popular Xbox 360 ROMs that were appreciated by millions of players from the whole world. This list can be definitely longer.

Xbox 360 Emulator

The Microsoft Xbox 360 was released many years ago. As we have already said, if you want to play a video game developed specifically for this console, you need to download the emulator that will help you easily do that. Here are a few emulators that might meet your needs:

Platforms That Support Xbox ROMs

To find the right emulator that will help you play Xbox ROMs on your Android-based device is really hard. However, this doesn’t mean that this mission is impossible. If you wish to open an Xbox ROM on your Android device, you need to download and install an Apk. Find a trustworthy resource and download APK software. After you successfully do this, you can finally move on to downloading the right emulator for your Android device.

The below-listed emulators can help open your favorite Xbox ROMs on Windows, Linux, iOS or Mac:

At a glance, it seems like this gaming console has faded out of gamers’ memories, but indeed, the situation is absolutely different. Millions of gamers still want to have access to games they used to play many years ago. Reliable emulators with Xbox ROMs are the right tools that might help you jump into the world of your favorite games.