Game title Rating Size
Donkey Kong (JU) (V1.0) 4,1 262.3KB
Killer Instinct 3,8 356.5KB
Monopoly 3,8 80.4KB
Mega Man - Dr. Wily's Revenge 4,2 111.6KB
Dr. Mario (JU) (V1.1) 4,3 20.2KB
Street Fighter II 3,7 299.5KB
Toy Story (V1.1) 3,9 211.2KB
Gameboy Camera Gold - Zelda Edition 4,5 388.2KB
Ninja Gaiden Shadow 4,2 81.5KB
Aladdin 3,9 163.3KB
Racing Mini 4WD - Let's Go!! MAX 3,6 566.9KB
Batman - The Animated Series 4,3 96.1KB
Mortal Kombat II 4,4 164.6KB
Mortal Kombat I & II 3,9 318.7KB
Lion King, The 4,8 179.1KB
Contra - The Alien Wars 4,7 93.6KB
Motocross Maniacs 4,4 24.1KB
Mega Man IV 4,3 280.0KB
Castlevania Adventure, The 4,1 41.1KB
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3,7 117.5KB

How to Start Playing Original Gameboy ROMs 

If you’re reading our article, you’re one of us, avid retro gamers who can’t imagine our life without Nintendo classics. Modern connoisseurs of old school gaming often beat their brains out trying to find the games they used to play on physical consoles in olden days. Luckily, you don’t need to scour the Internet in search of nice classic games. There is a place that’s home to thousands of Gameboy ROMs that you can download for free. Go on reading to learn where you can get your favorite GB games and what Nintendo Game Boy emulation options you can explore. 

Best Original Gameboy Games 

There are tons of abandonware websites out there. All of them promise to help you download and install your favorite Game Boy games, also known as ROMs, in the blink of an eye. But before getting a coveted GB ROM, you need to make sure that the website offering it is totally safe and reputable. Our website offers you a wide selection of tried and tested and, what’s also important, free Gameboy ROMs. You can get as many ROMs as your emulator can support and enjoy retro classics to the fullest. Be it Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or any other Nintendo game, you can rest assured that you get a high-quality and totally legal product. All you need to do is to pick a desired Nintendo Game Boy ROM and hit “Download.” Now you can play the new game and earn the coveted golden coins in Super Mario Land! 

Platforms that Support Gameboy ROMs 

Modern emulators allow you to emulate the GB console on virtually any operating system. There is a wide array of emulation tools wherewith you can emulate not only ancient Gameboy Pocket titles, but also Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games on your PC or smartphone. No matter the platform, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, or iOS, you can easily pick the emulator that will ensure the best possible gaming experience for you. 

Windows Supported GB Emulators

Lots of classic gamers want to put their hands on reliable Windows GB emulators. We bet you want to do the same, so we recommend using BatGBA. This emulator contains the basic functions that can maximize your pleasure of playing the GB ROMs. BatGBA supports a vast array of Gameboy Classic and Gameboy Advance games and is easy to configure and set up. 

Furthermore, you can try out No$GBA to play the immortal Game Boy Pocket and Gameboy Advance classic games. No$GBA features multiplayer and full screen support, as well as the best add-ons an emulator can offer. 

If you’re striving for exceptionally accurate emulation of the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and the Super Gameboy emulation, set your sights on the BGB emulator. This stable and fast emulation tool will help you authenticate your experience and get the most out of any game. 

If you’re not new to emulation, you may also try good old RetroArch. This cross-platform GB emulator is time-tested, reliable, and quite stable. Moreover, it’s compatible with different platforms. It also ensures smooth emulation of most commercial and homebrew Game Boy family titles. On the downside, it’s very sophisticated and difficult to set up. 

Linux Supported GB Emulators 

There are not many stable Gameboy emulators for the Linux OS so far. But this doesn’t mean that you should forego playing classic titles on your favorite platform. There is a perfect solution for you, which is VisualBoyAdvance. It allows playing the entire family of GB games on your Linux PC. It’s packed with a good many advances features such as autosave, speedup keys autofire, joystick, screen capture, and full mode support. It also famed for its hacking and debugging tools wherewith you can enhance your gameplay even more. The emulator in question can run pretty well on Ubuntu, Arch Linux, and Debian.  

Other emulators worth giving a shot on Linux are Mednafen and KiGB. But keep in mind that they are mainly used for playing Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color classics. 

Android Supported GB Emulators 

If you’re looking for a nice Android emulator to Play Game Boy Classic, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Color ROMs, consider an all-in-one ClassicBoy emulator. This multi-system tool boasts a graphic button editor, gesture/sensor settings, joystick and multi-player support, and lots of other advanced features you won’t find in other popular emulators. ClassicBoy can be downloaded completely legally from Google Store and easily installed on your device. Still, there are other decent alternatives to ClassicBoy you may want to explore. Among the most popular are My OldBoy!, GBC.emu, Pizza Boy Pro, and EmuBox. 

iOS Supported GB Emulators 

Playing such classics as Super Mario, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or even Saint Seiya on an iOS device is a reality now. You can download any ROM from our website and play it on your iPhone or iPad using GBA4iOS. This emulator is arguable the most stable and powerful tool that works perfectly on iOS 7 and higher versions. It can emulate not just GBA, but GBC and GB titles. GBA4iOS features Dropbox synchronization, Airplay, iPad optimization, and numerous cheats for Nintendo Game Boy, which makes it the most competitive iOS emulator out there. 

Go download Gameboy ROMs and dive into retrogaming!